Saturday, May 23, 2009

My First 10K

I've run four half-marathons and never run any sort of race shorter than that. Crazy I know but for some reason I've just never done the fun 5ks that people always talk about. So when Heather posted about the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in three weeks I figured I why not. My husband's going to be a lawyer, it's in Georgetown, it's on a day I have nothing else going on, and I need a new t-shirt. So I signed up for my first 10K today and am looking forward to it.

I haven't run in three weeks, but I should be fine. Training for my half (thanks to a specialized plan from Runner's World) starts on Monday.

Workout DVDs

I've got myself a nice collection of workout DVDs that I love, but lately I've decided to try out a couple of new ones. Based on the recommendations of so many others I picked up Jillian's 30 Day Shred. And CVS was having a great sale one day so I grabbed a whole The FIRM workout kit that included five different workout DVDs and small hand weights.

I did Day 1 of the 30 day shred on Thursday and realized how long it's been since I used weights or really did anything other than running. I did a Cardio Party DVD (basically the best of the best from the other Firm DVDs) on Friday and loved it. 40 minutes with five different leaders that go through their favorite cardio moves. Both DVDs were great and I'll continue working with them. Now if only I could get myself to stop eating things that cancel out the exercise...