Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two Weeks To Go

Half-marathon #5 is two weeks from today. Not having run for two weeks, I've got a tough two weeks ahead of me. But I'll make it. I always do. So here's the plan for the next two weeks.

Monday- cross-training (I'm playing volleyball with friends for a couple of hours)
Tuesday- 5 mile run easy
Wednesday- 5 mile interval training
Thursday- 5 mile run easy
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 10 mile run easy (this is the biggie, I've penciled it in and have to get it in)
Sunday- Rest

Monday- Cross-training
Tuesday- 5 mile run easy
Wednesday- 3 mile tempo run (just faster than my normal pace)
Thursday- 3 mile easy
Friday-Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Half-marathon

I've got my stickers ready.